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Every Year I like to make a Christmas Card for friends and family, this is this years.

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I get asked from time to time to draw a brithday card for someone in the office,( a animation studio tradtion)
and usually I 'm more than happy to do it. You see I get the chance to break a bad habit I have, second guessing myself.
I use these rules so I can streamline my thought process.
1. spend no more than 2 hrs on it.
2. try things you may not be comfortable with. (style/approach-wise)
Those rules help me let go and see where I land.
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This blog is a news/quick story/sketchy area to try those things out.
This is new to me and as time goes this should take some shape but for now,
here's a sketch from an Oekaki Board.
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Lots of fun!7/13/2005 10:51:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Jeff Manley|W|P|Also try this one