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Here is the new homepage, it took some time to redo this site because of the distractions leading up to the last couple of weeks. You see, the earlier part of this year was spent getting a sketchbook to the printers and getting ready to sell it at APE.( Alternative Press Expo) How was I to know how much of a pain it would be, I shared a table with good friend Sanjay Patel selling his new book:Little India. That book was a smash hit selling 100+ copies at Ape and selling out of the original 500 print run via email
in the first week after the expo. He has now since ordered more copies to print for the SD Comic Con.
meanwhile, I had a great time at Ape as well and my absolute highlight was meeting 2 of the 3
Hernandez brothers,Gilbert and Mario.

It was this weekend and the lull before the work I have to put in on getting ready for the SD Comic Con that prompted me to redo or "update my site with the projects I plan on coming out in the coming year(s). On the SD Comic Con side of things, A few friends and I are going to have 2 tables and approx. 5 new books for sale. I will post more info as the Con rolls closer.

My goal for this little blog is to share some hidden talent and a drawing or 2 with the masses.
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